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Who We Are

New Theory Consulting was founded in 2020 in the midst of the racial justice uprising following the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. With years of experience, we came together in an effort to educate the community to begin the work of dismantling the racist structures that have continuously perpetuated inequality in the United States.

At New Theory Consulting, we are firm believers and practitioners of equity and social justice. We work with corporations, community-based organizations, education institutions, and many more! We specialize in short and long-term strategic planning, education and training, curriculum development, cultural competency, and dismantling racist structures.


We utilize targeted universalism in everything we do - centering individuals with marginalized identities to effect the most change within communities. We believe that every person should have equitable access to healthy food, housing, healthcare, and education regardless of race, skin color, age, ability, sexual orientation, or gender. 

If you want to advance equity in your work to eliminate structural inequality, let's chat!

Our Mission

To educate, support, and empower leaders and organizations to implement equitable practices wherever they are.

Our Values

Racial Justice: Racial justice guides all the work we do at New Theory Consulting. We believe racial justice is essential in fostering an equitable and just world in which all individuals are afforded the same rights, privileges, and opportunities regardless of race or ethnicity. This work requires dismantling racist systems and structures, abolishing white supremacy, and creating space for collective healing.

Transformation: We believe transformation is a process, not an outcome. This process requires intentional actions towards dismantling oppressive systems and structures, while also building an antiracist culture that centers the voices and experiences of communities of color. The path to transformation is an ongoing journey of personal/collective growth and self-reflection that requires creativity and courage. 

Accountability: Accountability is critical to racial equity work. This requires a comprehensive approach that includes setting clear expectations, tracking outcomes and progress, creating systems of shared authority and resources, offering regular feedback and evaluations, being open to criticism, and evaluating the effectiveness of interventions. By being held accountable for our own actions and decisions, we can collectively work to create a racially just world.


Collective Liberation: At New Theory Consulting, collective liberation is not just a value, but an action. Collective liberation acknowledges that multiple oppressions exist, and requires an active and intentional effort to undo acts of oppression in all its forms. This requires that those with privilege take responsibility for their role in oppressive systems, and actively use their power to support meaningful social change. To bring about meaningful change, we must work together to create sustainable solutions that are grounded in racial equity.

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