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Jamila Aurora Dozier, M.A.

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Jamila is a Queer, bilingual Afro-Latina originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. They are currently based in Portland, Oregon, and work as the East Portland Policy Coordinator at the Portland Housing Bureau, with a focus on building an anti-displacement and housing stabilization program in East Portland. Jamila founded New Theory Consulting in 2020 and has provided training and education, strategic planning, and racial equity support for a variety of organizations nationwide.


In the Portland community, Jamila has served on the City of Portland's Human Rights Commission and is a current member of Metro's Committee on Racial Equity (CORE). As a commissioner and CORE member, they serve as an advisory board to elected officials including, Metro Councilmembers, City of Portland Commissioners, and the Mayor of Portland on a variety of equity issues including racial equity, houselessness, policing, immigration, and discrimination based on race, gender, sexuality, and ability.

In all the work Jamila does as an educator, Human Rights Commissioner, and CORE member, she utilizes targeted universalism, centering populations who are most marginalized and vulnerable when making decisions and providing support to individuals. They have extensive experience in equity work, strategic planning, education, youth and community engagement, domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy, and data and assessment.